JP booster pump   from Grundfos
  • JP booster pump   from Grundfos

JP booster pump from Grundfos

7,200 LE
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JP is a self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump with a stainless-steel pump housing. JP is designed for a wide range of garden and domestic applications JP is small and compact, and the lifting handle makes JP handy and easy to carry. Available in two capacities JP 4-54 Equivalent to 1 HP JP 5-48 Equivalent to 1.5 HP



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More powerful, easier and more economical - No need to refill the pump with water and vent the air (self-priming) - Gives higher water lift than similar pumps - Hand holder for easy lifting and carrying of the pump - High water suction capacity - Low electricity consumption - Easy to install - Small in size and doesn't take up much space International quality standards - stainless - The motor is sealed against rain water and dust, with a degree of protection IP44 - Built-in thermal protection against motor overheating - High resistance to dust, water and ambient weather factors - The pump surface is electrically and thermally insulated for a high level of safety

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