10 liters Nardi Gas Water Heater
  • 10 liters Nardi Gas Water Heater

10 liters Nardi Gas Water Heater

5,300 LE
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10-liter high-Efficiency with Heat exchanger

Multi-Safe Protections

Temperature Digital Display

Low Water Pressure

Easy Temperature Adjustment

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Features of Nardi water heater

- Auto ignition is powered by using 2x1.5 volt batteries.

- The fire gas heater is turned on automatically when the hot water tap is opened.

- Double safety devices, gas and water flow knobs and flame control.

- Electronic control to turn off the gas and the burners if the heater runs for more than 20 minutes.

- A safety system that automatically cuts off the gas in case of water or flame failure and also shuts off the heater completely.

- The thermostat automatically cuts off the gas when the water temperature reaches 75°C to prevent the temperature from rising beyond the permissible rate.

- High-quality standards.

- Exhaust control.

- Aluminum gas valve.

- Solid brass water valve.

- The outer shell is made of high-quality steel.

- Two valves control the water flow and the burners adjust the heat and water flow.

Technical Specifications

Temperature control 

From 20 to 65 degrees

Temperature display


Heat capacity

20 kW

Minimum operating pressure

0.1 bar

Maximum operating pressure

10 bar

Ignition system


Overheating safety system


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