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UPA pressure booster pump Grundfos
  • UPA pressure booster pump Grundfos
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UPA pressure booster pump Grundfos

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A 120-watt home water booster pump. suitable for all hot and cold water applications, and it can be connected to a rooftop tank or directly to the main water pipe.

Output: 120 w


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UPA is a domestic, high-efficiency in-line boosting pump, which increases water pressure to required levels at showers, taps, and other points in your home.

Grundfos UPA 15-90 is a domestic booster designed for pressure-boosting drinking water supplied from an external source in residential homes.

The UPA booster pumps increase the pressure of domestic water to make the required pressure available at showers, taps, and other tapping points.

Port-to-port l.: This pump has an inlet and outlet port of 3/4. The pressure rating of the pump corresponds with PN 10 and a port-to-port length of 160 mm.

The UPA 15-90 provides the comfort of constant water pressure with automatic start and stop. This is controlled by the integrated flow switch ensuring optimal start/stop of the booster pump according to demand.

The design is robust and built upon corrosion-free materials and cataphoresis-coated cast iron pump housing to ensure a long lifetime. The pump is a canned rotor pump type where the pump and motor form an integral unit without a shaft seal.

This pump must always be installed with a horizontal motor shaft. This booster has a 2-pole, asynchronous, squirrel-cage motor with built-in impedance protection and short circuit proof. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid.

These constructional features ensure maintenance-free operation. Approvals: The pump has the following approvals CE, WEEE-UPA, MORO.

  • Integrated flow switch: Automatic start and stop according to demand
  • Low noise level
  • Easy installation: plug and pump compact inline booster
  • Integrated non-return valve
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Built-in motor protection

Data sheet

Approvals on nameplate
Built-in motor protection
Capacitor size - run
2.5 µF
Current in speed 3
0.48 A
983.2 kg/m³
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5)
Gross weight
3.77 kg
Maximum head
90 dm
PP Composite
Insulation class (IEC 85)
Liquid temperature range
2 .. 95 °C
Mains frequency
50 Hz
Max. power input
120 W
Maximum operating pressure
10 bar
Pipe connection
Port-to-port length
160 mm
Power plug
Schuko plug
Pressure rating for connection
PN 10
Pump housing
Cast iron
Pumped liquid
Rated voltage
1 x 230 V
Selected liquid temperature
60 °C
TF class
Thermal protec
Impedance protected
Type of connection

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