Planika - Galio Corten Manual
  • Planika - Galio Corten Manual

Planika - Galio Corten

87,800 LE
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Galio Corten

Gas fireplace for all outdoor spaces

linear fire in portable form

Made in Poland

Warranty: 2 years

Power Source: (NG) Natural Gas
Control Type: Automatic


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Galio Corten

Galio Corten is a linear gas fireplace that creates a cozy and unique atmosphere in all outdoor living spaces. Its unique design and portable form create convenient in use and beautiful real fire. Made of weather-resistant materials, the Galio Corten gas fireplace brings style and elegance to residential and commercial outdoor spaces throughout the year.

Designed and crafted exactly to your specifications. It allows for complete size, shape, and style customization.

With its endless arrangement possibilities, you can decide whether it becomes a modern space divider or a central point of your garden.

In addition, Galio offers flame size regulation and compatibility with any Smart Home System. Optionally, you can equip the fireplace with a wifi module and conveniently control the fire using a mobile application.

Automatic control – The device is controlled by an electronic system. To start the device or adjust the height of the flames you can use the control panel, remote or mobile application via the WiFi module

Manual control – convenient control knob allows to turn the device on/off and regulate the flame height.

Natural Gas – it is a great option for a permanent installation. It requires a gas line installed in your backyard. The product burns clean and does not require refilling the propane tank.

LPG – Propane gas is easy to use and does not require any installation. You simply connect the bottle and turn the fire on. Your device is portable which means it can be moved from place to place. Your fuel tank can be covered with our Gas Case.

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