10-liter Ariston gas water heater NG
  • 10-liter Ariston gas water heater NG
  • 10-liter Ariston gas water heater NG

10-liter Ariston gas water heater NG

6,000 LE
No tax Within 5 Business Days

The heater is powered by natural gas.

It is the safest in the world because it has unique protection technologies and features, with world class quality.

10-liter capacity with chimney.

  • Height: 60 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Depth: 17 cm

Made in Tunisia

Warranty: 5 years

Power Source: (NG) Natural Gas
Color: White
Storage Capacity: 10 Liter


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Ease of use
- Automatically turns on when the tap is opened
- Automatically stops if the water is cut off
- Ability to control the torch

Highest degree of safety
- Protection system to separate the gas automatically in the event of a water cut or if the flame went out,
then the heater will turn off completely
- Electronic control to shut off the gas and turn off the burners if the operating period of heater exceeded 20 minutes
- Dual safety devices, gas and water flow knobs and flame controls
- Safety thermostat for cutting off gas supply above 75°C

Highest level of quality
- Two valves to control water flow and burners to adjust heat and water flow
- The outer shell is made of the finest steel
- Red copper heat exchanger
- Solid brass water valve
- Aluminum gas valve
- Exhaust control

Indispensable features
- 5 years warranty
- Available spare parts
- Dedicated after-sales service team


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