6-liter Ariston gas water heater NG
  • 6-liter Ariston gas water heater NG

6-liter Ariston gas water heater NG

4,250 LE
No tax Within 5 Business Days

The heater is powered by natural gas.

It provides you with safety, protection and comfort with world class quality.

It has more than one protection system that works automatically.

6-liter capacity without chimney.

  • Height: 35 cm
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Depth: 13 cm

Made in Tunisia

Warranty: 5 years

Power Source: (NG) Natural Gas
Color: White
Storage Capacity: 6 Liter


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Ease of use
- Automatically turns on when the tap is opened
- Automatically stops if the water is cut off
- Ability to control the torch

Highest degree of safety
- Solid brass water valve
- Red copper heat exchanger
- Temperature Control Dual Safety Devices
- Handles for gas and water flow
- Exhaust control
- Flame control

Highest level of quality
- The water valve is made of solid brass
- The heat exchanger is made of red copper
- The outer shell is made of the finest quality steel
- Aluminum gas valve
- Power source: natural gas / gas pipeline

Indispensable features
- 5 years warranty
- Available spare parts
- Dedicated after-sales service team


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