Planika - FLA3+
  • Planika - FLA3+ 790 mm
  • Planika - FLA3+
  • Planika - FLA3+
  • Planika - FLA3+
  • Planika - FLA3+
  • Planika - FLA3+ Remote

Planika - FLA3+

400,800 LE
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Fire Line Automatic 3+ - FLA3+

Indoor bioethanol fireplace with larger storage tank

Made in Poland

Warranty: 2 years

Length: 790 mm
Power Source: Bioethanol


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Fire Line Automatic 3+ takes you to another level of comfort and satisfaction. Offering the most advanced technology and innovative approach towards fire design it allows you to enjoy natural flames for longer than ever before.

The extra-large fuel tank makes the FLA3+ the most convenient solution available today. The fireplace guarantees the longest burning possible with one refill without losing anything from the luxurious and stylish fireplaces form for which Planika’s fireplaces are so well-known. Additionally, FLA3+ is offered in 6 types of casings.


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